Lindsey C. Johnson

Art Gallery

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Missy. Acrylic on Canvas, 2018. Hen and Chicks. Acrylic on Canvas, 2019. Streetlight. Alcohol markers on paper, 2019. German Shepherd. Acrylic on canvas, 2009. Firefly Marsh. Acrylic and mica flakes on canvas, 2017. Night in the Mountians. Acrylic on canvas, 2016. Castle Geyser. Acrylic on canvas, 2017. Orange Marsh. Acrylic and mica flakes on canvas, 2016. White Bunny. Acrylic on canvas, 2010. Flowering. Acrylic and gel medium on canvas, 2018. Barren. Acrylic on canvas, 2010. Dream Trees. Acrylic and glass beads on clay board, 2017. Onions. Acrylic on canvas, 2008. Galactic Trees. Acrylic, mica flakes and glass beads on canvas, 2017.