About L. C. Johnson

The Basics

Age: 26

Location: The Southeastern United States

Alma Mater: GCSU

Degrees: A B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing, a double minor in history and Spanish, a Secondary Education M.A.T. with a concentration in English.


I am an artist and writer living in the state of Georgia. I have enjoyed both writing and art from a young age.

In middle school, I started drawing pictures of characters from Star Wars and my favorite anime and manga series and soon found myself doodling obsessively in class. The doodles eventually transformed my interest in art into a passion and I took a painting class in high school. Since then, I have grown immensely as an artist and have even taken commissions. One of my most requested subjects is people's pets. I love animals, so these types of commissions are really enjoyable to me. In addition to pet portraits, I love painting landscapes and drawing cartoons.

My love of writing also began during my tween years. I, like many kids my age, developed an obsession with the rock band, Evanescence, and sought to imitate Amy Lee's gloomy and evocative lyrics. To this end, I scrawled my own songs and poems in my school journals. I went on to hone my skills in poetry and other forms of writing when I joined my high school's literary magazine. I then went on to earn a creative writing degree at GCSU and later had a brief stint as a high school English teacher. I have branched out to numerous genres besides poetry and now enjoy writing short fiction (of both the literary and genre variety) and creative nonfiction. I eventually hope to publish a novel.

When I'm not creating or working, I enjoy playing with my dog, reading, hiking, window shopping, and keeping up with my favorite films and comics. I am also working to become more proficient in web design.


Creative Writing: