Lindsey C. Johnson


Here is a small sample of my writing. I like to work within a number of genres ranging from poetry to fiction. Please note, however, that some of these pieces are available only as excerpts due to publishing regulations. Enjoy.

The First Man in Space

A brief excerpt from a fictional piece about a Russian cosmonaut whose ship veers out of Earth's orbit. This story was inspired by the Lost Cosmonauts conspiracy theory and the November 28, 1960 Torre Bert Recording.


Herr Hoch's Girl

This is an excerpt from a piece of historical fiction that I wrote for my senior capstone. In it, an older woman tells of how the abuse of her neighbor at the hands of a Nazi inspired her to work with the Resistance.



This free-verse poem describing a fallen corn husk was written during a particularly difficult period in my life.


Asylum Pastoral

The first draft of this free-verse poem was written on the abandoned campus of Central State Hospital.


Strange Clouds

This is a creative nonfiction piece about nebulae that I wrote for a college writing course. I tried to be informative while still using creative language.